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Innovations in IoT | EP. 30

This is Episode 30 of Ask an Innovator and Scott Fletcher from Locator X is here with us today to discuss creating innovations in IoT. Josh and Scott discuss the beginnings of Locator X. How they started with a miniature atomic clock that is embedded into a chip that can be placed on any label...

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Driving Innovation with Data | EP. 029

This week we interview Jochen (Joe) Renz, the Managing Director at New Mobility Studio. Josh and Joe jump right into considering innovation in big data, moreover how data will be as essential as oxygen. They talk about smart products and a human-centric system of systems. The system of systems diagram mentioned in the beginning can...

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Innovation In Food | Ep. 028

Episode Notes: What’s up? Aram Karapetian is on Ask an Innovator today. Aram is the President at Woodland Foods. Woodland Foods is a company dedicated to helping people experience the world through culinary exploration. You can learn more about them here. Today the topic is innovation in food, so let’s get after it. Aram impresses...

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Innovation is Learning | Ep. 027

Episode Notes: Josh interviews Tim Kelley this week. He’s the CEO of Nautilus Medical and we sit down with him to discuss why innovation is learning. Tim has spent his career in the healthcare world and developed Nautilus because of things he learned and pain points he saw along the way. In this one, Tim...

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Innovation in Collaboration | EP. 026

Episode Notes: The intersection between the enterprise and start-up worlds can seem vast. Matt Kammerait, the Director of Digital and Emerging Technology at AAR sits down with Josh this week to discuss innovation in collaboration. Matt has spent his career split between the riskier, more agile start-up environment and the slower moving enterprise world. In...

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Innovation Through Entrepreneurship | EP. 025

Finding the perfect work-life balance can be hard and throwing in a side hustle in the mix can make it even more challenging. Melissa Byrn is on AAI today teaching us about innovation through entrepreneurship. Melissa is the founder of FORESEEaBILL and the Director of Innovation Programs at the Polsky Center. Not an entrepreneur by...

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