Innovations in IoT | EP. 30

This is Episode 30 of Ask an Innovator and Scott Fletcher from Locator X is here with us today to discuss creating innovations in IoT. Josh and Scott discuss the beginnings of Locator X. How they started with a miniature atomic clock that is embedded into a chip that can be placed on any label on any item. The thought is that people will be able to track anything from anywhere.

Not only is Locator X making a chip that can track any item, but they are also looking to do it for pennies. The hope is that this will change the way we currently do retail. Instead of an RSID number – you will track products through the chip. The creation of this IoT device will change the way a company’s supply chain is managed, furthermore making them even more efficient.

What problem will this solve? These innovations in IoT will help track products but also monitor temperature, humidity and a variety of other factors that can affect the product.

Thanks, Scott for wrapping up Season 1 with us! We appreciate all our guests and listeners hanging out with us. Stay tuned for Season Two – launching January 9!

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