Innovation in Government | EP. 031

Welcome back to Ask an Innovator! It’s 2020 and we’re here with some new and exciting episodes for you guys. Kicking us off is Tyler Clark. He is the Director of Public Affairs & Innovation at Serafin and Associates. He comes to Serafin from the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) so we asked him all the questions about innovation in the government.

Josh and Tyler get into what innovation in the government means right away. They chat about how trust is essential and respecting that trust is even more important. Furthermore, they discuss how being thoughtful for your citizens (or customers!) is essential to how you approach innovation.

Tyler provides a ton of awesome insights into how we can lay foundations of trust to take care of our customers. Finally, the discussion centers around how innovation is defined as changing things to make them better. What is the future of government? Find out what Tyler thinks by listening in!

Thank you, Tyler for joining us! We’re looking forward to an amazing 2020!

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